1. Tom Fruin at Dumbo Arts Festival

  2. Sunflowers always remind me of Tuscany. Even when I find them in urban gardens in the middle of Brooklyn.

  3. epic day #chasingfog at #wwim8 with icarryyourhrt | Brooklyn

  4. Boardwalk 4th of July at Paul’s Daughter, in business for over 50 years in Coney Island. | NYC

  5. my latest for … instagrits:

    icons of the apple || Created Exclusively for #InstaGrits by @kirstenalana #NYC (Taken with Instagram)

  6. Dumbo Graffiti (Taken with Instagram at Los Papis)

  7. Brooklyn Books

    (Shot in Pixlromatic. Applied Sophia filter & Rainbow effect with Centered frame.)

  8. graffiti | Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC

  9. alexanderbasek:



    Look what my awesome friend James made in response to this Etsy print.

    Manhattan’s the new Brooklyn.

    I live in manhattan but I summer in brooklyn. Need to get my artisanal on, ya know? :P

    Explain this little gem, then, eh Manhattan?

    This whole debate just cracks me up. Given my history as a one-time Brooklyn hater, the fact that they’re both [Manhattan and BK] overly pretentious in their own ways and so are their residents, the fact that I now love them both even with their pretention … 

  10. nedhepburn:

    I got the apartment in Brooklyn! This is pretty much my view!

    jealous . mad jealous . *crosses fingers for share in Williamsburg to work out*

  11. A is for “A OK” … cause that’s how I feel when I am in NYC. In case you couldn’t tell.

    (photograph taken in subway, Greenpoint Station, during long wait for train … and I mean long. but who cares when you have a new Hipstamatic lens to try!)

  12. last view of BK

  13. I miss walking by this lake every day. I miss being in NYC.


  14. jewelry + music + environmental sensibility = win